Beautiful Goodbye!

Two days ago, lost a friend because of cancer.  Though people around her expected this to happen, because of her situation. The feeling of losing someone close to you, and treated you as her family is sooo sooo painful. Its painful yet I'm happy for her, no more pain, she died peacefully achieving all the… Continue reading Beautiful Goodbye!


Christmas Day – Hong Kong Disneyland

Hello, Everyone! Happy New Year! Usually, everyone's busy with their family reunions, Christmas parties or meeting/going to their ninongs and ninangs (if you live in the Philippines) on Christmas, but since we are miles away from our love ones, me and my friends decided to celebrate our Christmas in Disneyland. The last time I went here… Continue reading Christmas Day – Hong Kong Disneyland


Ngong Ping 360 – Tian Tan Buddha – Po Lin Monastery

Visited Tian Tan Buddha again, but this time instead of riding the bus, decided to ride the cable car. The weather was sunny and slightly cold, perfect weather for a good walk and enjoying the view. Climbed 268 steps for a closer look of the big Buddha, and to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Cable car… Continue reading Ngong Ping 360 – Tian Tan Buddha – Po Lin Monastery