15 Facts About me…

Since I am not busy today and I haven’t posted since last week I decided to write facts about me… I don’t know if this make sense though. hahaha!

  1. My name is Jonalyn Lambohon but my friends call me Jhona or Nene (my nickname)
  2. I am a Filipino
  3. Red, black and white are my favorite colors
  4. I am allergic to eggplant and squid. I can eat eggplant once in a while especially tortang talong (Filipino dish)
  5. I love Chocolates…….
  6. I’m the middle in our family (1 brother and 1 sister)
  7. Collecting pens and highlighters are my obsession
  8. I love to eat.. hehehe!
  9. I’m afraid of snakes… Big NO NO…..
  10. I can’t live without Music…
  11. I love Photography
  12. I am a Christian
  13. I don’t know how to swim but I love beaches.
  14. I love Sunsets…
  15. I love to Cook and Bake…

If you enjoyed reading this, I would also love to know some facts about you… Thank you!

– Jhona

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