Sheung Luk Stream, Sai Kung 

Sai kung is known because of its beautiful beaches. I didn’t know that Sai Kung have this beautiful hidden stream until my friend told me about this. 

We didn’t go to the top of the stream since me and my friend don’t know how to swim and the way going up is a bit dangerous, but of course if you want to enjoy the stream go up and enjoy. You just have to be careful and make sure to wear shoes since the rocks are too sharp.

Enjoying the view while relaxing. The water was bit cold since it’s windy when we went there.

How to get there:

Take 29R mini bus outside Mcdonald. You have to pay $17.00. It will take 30 minutes from Saikung town to Sai wan (last stop).

Entrace going to Sai Wan. It will take 30 to 45 minutes going to Sai Wan village. (Including pictures taking since the view are breathtaking.)

After 30 to minutes of walking you will see this sign. And yes, you’re almost there. If you feel hungry or you want to buy drinks, they have stores and mini restaurant where you can eat and drink.

Going to Sai Wan campsite.

You may want to take a pictures of this amazing view, but make sure to not get lost.

Go straight. Just follow the path until you reach the end.

End of path. Turn left.

Go straight until you reach the end and turn right.

Turn left at the last part of the blue net and go straight until you see the way going to the stream.


  • You will see a bridge on the right side. Don’t cross that bridge because its going to Ham tin…


❤ Jhona

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