Snoopy’s World

Got the chance to visit Snoopy’s world last week. A friend started working here in Hong Kong a month ago and since its her holiday I decided to bring her to  nearest place where she could relax and have fun. I am glad that she enjoyed her day.

Opening hours from 11:00am to 7:00pm

Entrance… But it says on the sign that use the side entrance.

Kids are the happiest. They can enjoy playing without thinking of anything. They can play with other kids. If they get tired they will just sleep, eat and drink their milk…


Snoopy world is accessible because its beside the mall and apartments.

Children’s  playground…

Yes, its for children but you know even adults can have fun while seeing the little kids playing around.

This school bus reminds me when I was in Elementary.. ohhh I miss those years..


Location: Shatin New territories, Hong Kong

Thank you! Have a blessed day!


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