CEBU (Bantayan Island) Day 1

Hello, Cebu!


Four days trip with my parents. Basically, I am the 3rd wheel on this trip. hehehe!

Cebu (Bantayan Island) is the birth place of my father but they moved to Bacolod when he was 15 year old (I think) . It’s also my 2nd visit to Cebu (the first visit was  when I was 9 or 10 years old.). Its refreshing to see Bantayan Island, Cebu after how many years and also after typhoon Yolanda hit Cebu few years back.


We arrived at Mactan International Airport around 7:15am. (more than 1 hour flight)20171207_115043

Took a taxi going to Mandaue bus terminal for 30 minutes ( 206.00 Pesos)20171204_074441

  Bus going to Hagnaya Port – 3 hours travel. Good thing that the bus we rode was going directly to Bantayan Island. (215.00 Pesos each)

Hagnaya Port

From Hagnaya port to Bantayan Island – it took 1 hour ride by ferry. (Ferry fair 170.00 Pesos each)20171204_115312

Santa Fe Port

Finally, we arrived safe and sound after how many hours of travel.

20171205_161338Adelaida Pensionne Hotel where we stayed. Its 15 to 20 minutes away from Santa Fe port. Since our hotel is in Santa Fe and we need to go to Bantayan Municipal before closing time, we just placed our belongings inside and went out right away. Rode a tricycle from Santa Fe to Bantayan (25-30 minutes – 25.00 Pesos each)

20171205_080106Bantayan Townhall

20171204_163215Visited my dad’s Elementary school. So happy that he/we got a chance to visit his Elementary school again after how many years. Ang dami nyang kwento ( how his school looks like before, how he walked from home to school, mga tindero sa tapat ng school at mga tinda.) A lot of memories came back and It feels good that I got the chance to listen to his childhood memories.

20171205_084720Dinner time – We decided to eat in their food court because we want to try their food specialty.

So hungry since we haven’t had a good meal since we left home. Forgot to take pictures of other food.

So yeah… Our day 1 ends here. We didn’t do much  on our day 1 since we were tired from riding different transportation all day ( airplane-taxi-bus-ferry-tricycle).

Day 2- CEBU (Bantayan Island) Day 2

Thank You for reading!




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