Meeting the Relatives

Hello, Cebu!

Day 3

Visiting Bantayan Island, Cebu was not complete without visiting our relatives (Father’s side). Since we live in Manila and Manila is quite far from Cebu meeting our relatives is impossible unless one side will take an effort to go to Manila or Cebu.

It was my first time meeting them but according to them they already met me and my older brother when we were young. Good memories with the people that my father’s cherish the most. Talking to them, making kwento about my father’s childhood memories, eating with them and laughing together. What a great memories but most especially seeing how happy and madaldal my father was, made me happy the most.




Too bad because our time was not enough and we needed to go back to our lodging because we were leaving early the next day.

Seeing my parents that happy and had their vacation needed was one of kind.

Day 1

Day 2



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