It’s been a while since the five of us gather, have lunch or dinner together, have coffee while kwentuhan ’til almost midnight and asaran hanggang sa may tumahimik na dahil medyo pikon na. hahaha!

We have different personalities and they are older than me but we can share our thoughts and experiences. We can talk about politics, bible verses, actor/actresses, current events, foods, about life and anything under the sun.

The five of us loves to eat, Obvious ba? hehe! Ate ruby can’t eat meat (well, she can but only chicken and not the fatty part). Phem, the vegetable lover, she only eat meat because according to her she doesn’t want to hurt the vegetables. Grace, the picky eater – she can eat anything but if the food does not reach her taste bud standard she will not eat the food anymore. Me and Mommy maids, we can eat anything – we hate wasting of food. Hehe!

The two of them are busy with their studies so we can’t be with them every Sunday or holidays like we usually do. I miss those days that every Sunday after service we will go at the nearest restaurant to eat dinner and after that we will go to McDonalds do have coffee and tea and we will stay there for 2 to 3 hours. hehe!

Most of the pictures that we have are blurry. hahaha! What do you expect none of us are expert in taking selfies aside from the fact that the selfie stick that we have does not work well. hahaha!

Good memories with my good friends.


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