April Favorites

Last day of the month. Decided to write about my favorites for this month since I can’t travel that much or go out because of work.

Mostly are beauty products and hair care. So here they are :

1. My New Planner – I changed my planner into smaller one since this past few weeks I always use smaller bag than the usual.

2. Sunscreen – It’s my first time to buy sunscreen because I don’t usually use sunscreen. I don’t like the sticky feeling from it but this one is a good one. I like that its not sticky and it doesn’t have strong smell.

3. Loose Powder/Baby Powder – This powder is always be my favorite. I always have this. So, its not just my April favorite but my all time favorite.

4. Lip Tint and Lip Balm – these three lip products are my everyday use. It helps moisturized my lip and gives simple lip color on my lips.

5. Eyebrow Liner – Dahil “kilay is life” tried this black liner and I really love it. Bought this one from daiso.

6. Bronzer – First time to try this and I really love that it matches my morena color.

7. Sunsilk Shampoo – Two months ago I cut my hair really short and this shampoo help my hair grow faster (I think).

8. Pantene 3 Minute Miracle – I love the smell of this and it gives my hair soft and shiny result.

Thank you!


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