Avengers Infinity War Experience

Note: This is not a movie review since I know most of you already watched the movie. I will share our experienced because we really want to watch the movie.

Last Tuesday after our activity we went straight to the airport (yes airport) to watch the movie. We actually like to watch movie at the airport since its not crowded and cheaper than the usual price.

When we arrived at the airport we directly went to the cinema because want to book ticket first before eating since it’s already 5:00pm and we want to watch the 7:20 movie time. We thought we still have a lot of choices in our seat but to our surprised, the only seat available was at the front row, yes front row, the seat that we hate the most. hahaha!

We were debating whether we will go or not since it’s too close to the screen, but that’s the only day we could watch the movie. So, we will watch or not…. And yes, we bought the ticket and ate our early dinner while waiting for the time.

This is it… Movie time! We brought our own 3D glasses (dahil nagtitipid at ayaw bumili ng 3D glasses) and we were excited to go to our front row seat. Hehe! When we tried the 3D glasses, it didn’t work well (blurred) hahaha! It’s really uncomfortable to wear but we don’t have choice. Kung sinuswerte ka nga naman!

Anyway, we finished watching the movie though we felt uncomfortable because of the seat and the glasses but overall we enjoyed the movie. Great movie that will make your heart beat so fast, shout, angry, cry and laugh. See you next year my Avengers!

Lesson learned: book ticket early next time and buy 3D glasses at the cinema. hahaha!

Great experienced though!

Thanks for reading!


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