Mother’s Day Celebration

Last Sunday, we gave our dear mothers in our church a relaxing and chill spa theme mother’s day celebration. Most of them were busy doing their work during the week and busy thinking about their families back home (OFW life). You know, mothers are always busy in different ways.

So, us single, we decided to give them a relaxing day. Just chill, doing nothing and have fun. They badly needed that, even just for a couple of hours.


We arrived early than the usual to prepare our giveaways, foods and other stuff.

Giveaways – We prepared stuff that we know they needed such as; towels, tissues, soap, massage stick, mini shampoo & conditioner.

Foods – Burger from Mcdo, egg sandwich, chocolate muffin, green tea and spa water. We also prepare some candies and chips for them to eat while watching the short story movies that we prepared.

For raffles – chocolates, pouches, macramΓ© bag, etc…

We asked the mothers to wait downstairs while we were preparing the room. We lit all the scented candles so that when they enter the room they will smell the good and relaxing aroma coming from the candles. Instead of using chairs we used the beach mats for sitting. Prepared all the tables for food and giveaways.


We prepared a relaxing music while they are doing the relaxing movement prepared by our physical therapist teacher/ate. They watched the short story from Jollibee commercial about “kwentong Jollibee mother’s day “TESS” a touching story of nanny who takes care of her alaga for so long and treated her like own daughter. Made sure that while they are relaxing they were also having fun.

Served them the foods while they were watching the short story. We want them to enjoy, have fun and relax forget about the stressful things they were thinking. We want them to feel how much we really appreciate them and love them.

Seeing them happy, relaxing and enjoying their special day was one of a kind. Mothers are the busiest in the world. Preparing for their children’s food, have to wake up early for the whole day work, taking care of the whole households, taking care of their children.

Specially for OFW mothers, they are busy taking care of other children but cannot take care of their own children because they have to leave Philippines to work in other countries. Most of them left their children when they were still at the very young age but they can’t do anything because they have to earn money. This is sad but true. Watch the movie Anak if you haven’t.

Salute to all mothers out there! Happy Mother’s day!

First Filipino Free Methodist Awesome and Gorgeous Mothers



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