Online Shopping

Bought three items from online shop last Tuesday. It’s my first ordering on my own since I usually makikisawsaw when my friends order online. Also, I don’t like shopping online since I am not sure about sizes of the products especially in shoes, it’s either too small for me or too big and nagtitipid ako. Hahaha! I ordered Tuesday afternoon and they delivered Thursday afternoon.

All these products were on sale so tipid pa din.

Beige Tote Bag – This bag was on sale, that’s the reason why I bought this, Hehe! It’s also the first beige color from my bags since all of my bags are its either black or red. The size is good for the things that I always carry when I go out.

Low Block Heel – also in beige color. The size is perfect. I was actually hesitant to get this since I am not sure about the size and I don’t like returning orders, I’m too lazy to do that. Glad I did order this.

The thing that I don’t like about this shoes is the sole at the back. It’s plastic (I don’t know what its called)

Bowling Bag – This one surprised me since I didn’t expect that this bag is quite big. It’s good though since I can carry a lot of things especially if we have church presentations and I have to carry a lot of clothes.

Online Store – ZaloraHK
Disclaimer: This is not sponsored.


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