Tai To Yan Hike (Hong Kong)

  Starting point – Kadoorie Farm – Tai To Yan – Fanling MTR Station 

Difficulties – 4/5 (I don’t usually Hike , I do it to bond with my friends and to relax, Yes, to relax though its tiring.

Durations – 4 to 6 hours (Including rest and taking pictures)

Distance – 10Km

First day of Chinese New Year, me and my friends (Survivor Team) decided to hike Tai To Yan trail. Its one of the most difficult hike I have ever did (2nd to Tai Mo Shan (The Highest Peak in Hong Kong) because until now my legs are still in pain that usually last for 2 days after the hike. It’s not actually that difficult, but It made more difficult because a lot of stairs specially going down to Fanling station. 

Anyway, we did enjoy the hike, also the weather was good and slightly cold.

How to get there:

*Take MTR to Taiwo Station – Exit A – turn left – go down when you see the  escalator – find the 64k big bus that going to Yeun Long.

*Get off at Kadoorie Farm ( 15-20mins) Make sure to check the stops. The travel won’t take too long.

*From Kadoorie Farm cross the street. That’s the start of the trail.20190205_080750.jpg*Follow the directions going to Fanling Station. You won’t get lost unless you want to take another trails. 20190205_080739.jpg

Note: Some of the hikers starts in Fanling Station going to Kadoorie Farm, you might want to take that but I have to warn you. I don’t think its a good idea since when you start from Fanling Station you have to hike more than 1000 steps or so of stairs. It’s a good exercise though. 

Make sure to bring lots of water specially during summer. Sunblock, extra shirt, insects repellant and snacks. 


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