Day Trip in Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong

Another day trip in one of the beautiful Island in Hong Kong – CHEUNG CHAU ISLAND

Cheung Chau is an island 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) southwest of Hong Kong Island. The only way you can go here is by ferry from Central (pier #5).

We arrived at 10:30am and left 5:05pm. So, basically we spent 6 and half hours strolling around the island including pictures taking, swimming, lunch and rest. Although the island is small you can do a lot of things in one day. The island also offer a lot of instagrammable spots, beaches, restaurants, small temples and souvenir shops.

They also have guest houses and hotels if you want to stay for few days which is better especially during Cheung Chau Ban Festival

Cheung Chau Ferry Pier 

As soon as you go out from the pier you will see a small map on the right side of the pier for your reference. Make sure to look at it.

Colorful and Beautiful Cheung Chau Island


Restaurant / coffee & tea shops

There are a lot of restaurants, tea shops and street foods in the island and make sure to try some of them.

Souvenir Shop

These pictures are some of the souvenir shop, there are a lot more so make sure check them out.


Make sure to bring extra clothes and swim suit if you will go during summer. There’s changing room and toilet around the beach so no need to worry.

Transportation :

Due to inaccessibility to cars and other vehicles, most residents use bicycles for personal transportation, and a number of bicycle rental shops near the ferry pier rent bicycles to tourists. The only vehicles on the island are those used by the emergency services, as well as village vehicles used to transport goods.

Bicycle – $15.00 hkd / hour and $30.00 hkd for whole day

Tricycle – $30.00 hkd / hour and $60.00 hkd for whole day

How to get there:

Take ferry from Central pier number 5. The ferries run approximately every 30 minutes depending upon time of day. Schedules on Sundays and public holidays are different from weekdays.

The trip takes 55 minutes  for ordinary ferries and 35 minutes for high speed ferries.


Adult — Monday to Saturday – $31.60 hkd for ordinary and $21.30 hkd for deluxe

Kids, senior & disabled — Monday to Saturday – $6.30hkd for ordinary & $10.70 for deluxe

Fares on Sunday and public holidays are higher than weekdays.


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