Christmas Day – Hong Kong Disneyland

Hello, Everyone! Happy New Year!

Usually, everyone’s busy with their family reunions, Christmas parties or meeting/going to their ninongs and ninangs (if you live in the Philippines) on Christmas, but since we are miles away from our love ones, me and my friends decided to celebrate our Christmas in Disneyland. 

The last time I went here was 10 years ago, It was still new back then.

Ate our heavy breakfast before entering the park to make sure that our stomach was full and had 100% energy for the whole day of walking and waiting.Entered the park at 10:00am and left at 6:30pm. We didn’t know that the parade starts at 8:00pm (we actually didn’t search/know that they still have the parade in the evening 😥), the castle was under renovation and the train also didn’t work when we went there, wrong timing tho, but overall the experience was good, enjoyable and memorable 😍


Pacute with my ✌ pose. Wore mickey headband and mickey shirt this time since I didn’t do it the last time.

Meeting  Iron Man was one of the highlight of my Disney adventure.  Yes, I am his fan. Hehe! I love you 3000!IMG_5815.JPG

Happy and blessed 2020, Everyone!