Beautiful Goodbye!

Two days ago, lost a friend because of cancer. 

Though people around her expected this to happen, because of her situation. The feeling of losing someone close to you, and treated you as her family is sooo sooo painful. Its painful yet I’m happy for her, no more pain, she died peacefully achieving all the things she wanted.

I have know her for 14 years, and she played a huge role in helping me to become a better person I am today. She’s my mentor, my teacher, my friend, my sister, my critic, and my ate who’s always willing to help and listen anytime and anywhere. She’s so selfless, she always give the benefit of the doubt, she’s caring, she’s kind, above all, she’s truly a servant of God who always put God first in everything she do.

I will always treasure those memories we shared for 14 years. You have fought a good fight good and faithful servant of God.

Dearest Ate Ruby,

Thank you so much for always being there everytime I/we need advices and for always willing to listen and help even if you’re tired and in pain. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your generosity, for being being one of a kind, for letting me be part of your family, for your patience in me, thank you sa mga gala, kainan, tawanan and your amazing word of wisdom. Thank you ate for the love . Thank you for the wonderful memories that we shared, from kainan at kwentuhan sa mcdo to having coffee sa airport. I will surely miss those days. 

Thank you, for inspiring me to be a better person each day, for accepting me for who I am and for letting me know you for who you are. Thank you, for not tolerating my wrong doings, instead you gave me tough love. Thank you for everything my dear ate! No more pain. You are now in a better place worshiping with our Lord and Savior. Your legacy will always remain . You will forever be my ate.

I miss you… 

I love you my Ate Ruby!


Ading Jhona 😘

1 thought on “Beautiful Goodbye!”

  1. Very touching… I feel your pain and also the gratefulness in your heart, having a wonderful friend /sister in Christ like her.I know Ruby is also blessed knowing you Jhons ❤️


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