Batis ng Makiling Hot Spring Resort, Laguna

Batis ng Makiling is one of the public swimming pool in Laguna with hot spring (mostly ng pool nila sa Laguna ay may hot spring) .The place is spacious and clean. Araw-araw din silang nagpapalit ng tubig, which is good. The parking lot are also spacious and accommodating ang staff nila. Recommend this place for… Continue reading Batis ng Makiling Hot Spring Resort, Laguna


CEBU (Bantayan Island) Day 2

Hello, Cebu! DAY 2 Woke up at 4:00am so we could start our day early, explored Bantayan and felt the morning breeze in the island. Bought pineapple bread in the bakery and went to the nearest carinderia in the market for our breakfast. We made sure that our tummy was full to have 100% energy… Continue reading CEBU (Bantayan Island) Day 2


Puerto Princesa & Elnido Palawan

It's been a year since my so called "relaxing vacation". Missing the beach and Palawan so much. Missing the sand, rock, salt water and having  sunburn. I have a confession to tell... I DON'T KNOW HOW  TO SWIM. hehehe! Well, even though I don't know how to swim it will not hinder me to go… Continue reading Puerto Princesa & Elnido Palawan