Hello, Spring! Saw these beautiful flowers while taking a walk this afternoon, it was showering though but it gave more color and freshness to these lovely flowers. *Used my mobile phone in taking these pictures* ❤ Jhona


Tai Mo Shan (The Highest Peak in Hong Kong)

We spent our first day of Chinese New Year in hiking the highest peak in Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan. It was a 6 to 7 hours hike from Shing Mun Reservoir - Needle Hill - Grassy Hill - crossing the lead mine to Tai Mo Shan and 2 hours going down. A definitely one… Continue reading Tai Mo Shan (The Highest Peak in Hong Kong)


Christmas Decorations – Hong Kong

Hello there, fresh from hiking. Check out my last blog. My feet and legs are still killing me but it won't stop me from seeing different decorations here in Hong Kong. hahaha! Lakwatsera talaga! Malls, hotels, airport and other places really put their best to put up the best decorations. Here are some of the… Continue reading Christmas Decorations – Hong Kong